The Dark Mother

This painting I was working on in the lead up to change in my life.

For a while I was working with the energy’s of the Dark Mother, Kali, Dugra, Mary and the Whore of Babylon.

Exploring feminine energy in my nature, my shadow side and it’s form, what did it look like? This painting is what transpired.

She was my witness! while dealing with a negative and toxic work situation and environment.

She was my strength, safety and could hold all my rage!she was courage in that blind leap of faith to walk and don’t look back.

She was my witness in response to those that saw and did nothing, those that saw and didn’t speak, those with two faces and think it’s just a game.

She is love for the forgotten, the unheard, those that get branded as outcasts or don’t fit in.

She nurtured safety in the knowledge that when people avoid you it could be because your a reminder of their bad behaviour.